can someone refresh my memory when it comes to using HIPP/HAPP? what does the acronym mean and how would i use it in my paragraphs?

Historical situation/context
Intended audience
point of view

H = Historical Context
A = Audience
P = (author’s) Purpose

To use in your paragraph(s), I’d do the following:

  1. when initially reading through the docs, note specifics you know about any/all of them (what was going on at the time, why the POV matters, etc.)
  2. while writing, after you describe a chunk of evidence and how it supports, spend another sentence explaining how the POV, AUD, AP, or HC affects the doc and how it’s read.

For instance:
Given that the writer of Document 3 is a Catholic priest, he’s emphasizing the missionary efforts of the Jesuits in Paraguay to highlight his success to the king of Spain in the hopes of earning prominence or reward

so will i have to use HAPP in every document i use in my paragraph? / Would i only pick one of those to incorporate for each document?

You only have to HIPP two documents (2 points)

H: Historical Context - what’s going on at the time period highlighted by the doc? what led to the doc being created? (Was it the Age of Exploration? the Industrial Revolution? the age of the Mongols?)
I/A: [Intended] Audience - to whom is the document addressed to?
P: Purpose - why is the document written? (to persuade… to convince… to demonstrate… - all the verbs!)
P: POV - who is writing the document? (If it’s an autobiography by a slave in the Caribbean, then it’s the POV of a slave)

You only have to pick one of the HIPPs and do this TWICE!

Ensure that you not only name the HAPP, but explain why it’s significant.

For instance, if it’s the POV of an enslaved African and not a white landowner, why does that matter?

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thank you!

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