should we have a hook line in each paragraph of our essay? or at least most?

I believe that the hook is only necessary in the intro paragraph. Your body paragraphs intro should be the topic sentence that gives an overview of what is being mentioned in that paragraph.
What I usually do for the first sentence of the body paragraphs is restate the strategy/purpose that’ll be discussed within that paragraph

ahh gotcha thanks!
can u give any examples of this?

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Sure! (For context this is about Florence Kelley’s speech about child labor) This is the topic sentence of the first body paragraph:

Florence Kelley begins her speech by alluding to the extent of the child labor conditions.

My topic sentence for the second body para:

After Kelley alludes to the horrible working conditions for children, she began to attempt to persuade the audience to try to make a difference, and change the child labor laws.

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You don’t have to have a “hook line” like the traditional outline for an introduction, but you DO want to have a topic sentence. That sentence would outline what you will be analyzing in the paragraph.

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