Hope this helps with signaling molecules functions

Signals come from the extracellular environment

Chemical signaling

Intracellular (inside itself) signaling:

-Autocrine signaling- Cell target itself, own growth factor binds to own receptor

Intercellular (other cells) Signaling:

-Gap Junction (connected): Two lover slimes even with the lil gap still can’t stay apart so they send there love through small molecules from gap junctions and plasmodesmata in plant cells. Direct contact!

-Paracrine signaling: This couple has desi parents which means they are not allowed to be dating! Even with being super close to one another’s hoses all they can do is sent texts (ligand) to the other phone (receptor). (ligand rapidly absorbed /degraded)

Rajesh: I’m cryin…

Sanjana: para crine dude? :frowning:

Sanjana: sorry typo “why crying?”

Rajesh: Because even with both of living locally I cant see you :frowning:

-Endocrine Signaling (insulin in pancreas activate cells in other areas)- Communicate with cells from far away like through bloodstream (long -distant relationship)

; En (in) Do (the) Crine (plane) (traveling to you!) its a stretch sorry crane didn’t sound good.

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