How do we link our body paragraphs to our thesis

lol the essay that was just ripped apart was mine. do we just add a sentence at the end of each body paragraph that shows how our claim in that body paragraph supports our thesis

Oofeth. I think it’s more of just making sure that it ANSWERS the prompt. Like, if your thesis is “they use repetition to tell the audience to buy their product”, then you should say “ok will this repetition creates this effect, and then this effect prompts people to wanna buy the product”.

Idk something like that I think. But don’t necessarily take my word for it that’s just what I think I’m not a pro lol.

ohhhhh okay

You’re welcome lol
Hope that helps I honestly don’t even know how to get full pts myself lol

im just hoping for a 4/6 tbh

Oof I just wanna pass lol

Idk how that finna work with only 6 pts on the line tho

It would be better to connect your body paragraph to your thesis in the topic sentence.

For example, In the beginning of her letter, Abigail Adams compares a traveler to a river in order to encourage John Quincy to grow in experience and knowledge while he is in France. (then continue to talk about how the metaphor helps her achieve this)

Oh ok that makes sense

Yes, it would be beneficial to add what I call a “wrap-up” sentence to summarize your main analytical points of the body paragraph. However, like Nefertiti said, the analysis throughout your paragraph is where you’ll really earn your score. Really unpack every quote that you mention in your body paragraph. Something I say to my students a lot is “get in the audiences’ heads.” Really unpack how they would likely respond to the writing choices you’ve identified.


learning more in these 5 hrs than i did in a whole school year
you guys are totally awesome


Lol I felt that

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