How do you prevent rambling and come up woth a cohesive argument?

do you base it off of the documents firsT? or do you come up with your own argument first? is there like kind of a step-by-step processto follow? literally help would be greatly appreciated thank youuu

Ok then. What I would suggest is reading the question and making sure you understand what it’s about, the time period it’s talking about, and the Historical Thinking Skill it addresses.

Now then, that you’ve made sure that you understand the question, read the docs and throw down a few bullet points about them as you go and try to group them as you progress.

Once you’ve understood the question, and have the documents taken care of, THEN make it happen with a thesis.

It really doesn’t hurt to slap together a brief outline so that you don’t have to try to remember stuff as you go, but basically, that’s more or less how to do it.

sounds good. do you have any additional tips specifcally to prevent rambling?

Outlining is helpful for that because you end up having a solid skeleton for your argument.

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