How to incoprorate audince into commentary

what are some sentence stems to help add the impact on the audience in commentary?

i think an example of this could be like “the author of this passage brings up several anecdotal experiences from his past to appeal to the audience’s emotions and establish credibility about his experiences with the subject”

when you are adding commentary by tying it back to your thesis is a good place to add the impact of the audience

Great question! Here are a few ideas:

  • When the author ___, this guides the audience to…
  • Because ___, the audience will…
  • These ___ have been specifically selected to appeal to ____ and move the audience to ___.
  • These words linger with the audience because ___, driving them to ___.
  • ___ is portrayed as ___ so that ___.
  • Author has intentionally employed ___ because he knows it leads the audience to…
  • This is done to ___ in order to ___.
  • As a result, the (specific audience term) is/are driven to ___ which is significant because ___.
  • This particular ___ is meant to appeal to ___ causing the audience to …

Hope these ideas help!

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