How to interpret graphs for use in frq

How to interpret graphs for use in frq

If there would be a graph to interpret on the FRQ it would most likely be a scatterplot or a bar graph.

For a scatterplot you would have to determine if it is a positive or negative correlation and/or how strong the relationship may be.

For a bar graph you would most likely have to discuss how it supports or refutes a given hypothesis from the scenario.

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CollegeBoard will often present a graph to you that displays the results of a study. For example, they might show you a scatterplot of a correlational study. Or perhaps they’d show you a histogram that plots variables from a laboratory study.

Students are expected to know the different ways that psychological data can be presented (lots of different graphs but I’d recommend scatterplots, line graphs, and bar graphs for study) and how they can be interpreted.

Ask yourself: if you are asked to read a graph tomorrow, can you explain if it aligns with the study that the prompt provides?

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