How would one contextualize in their DBQ if their time period in the prompt is between 1200 - 1450?

How should I find information for contextualization between this time period?

Great question JK1, welcome to the discussion board! You’d be contextualizing before the time period, so, basically, outside of the scope of the test, which is JUST FINE!! Freemanpedia is a really helpful resource, as well as some of the older WHAP textbooks that cover the entire coursework instead of just modern. I hope that helps!

The first thing to do is ask yourself… okay, what were the overarching themes that mark this time period? The further spread of major religions and trade are key themes of this time period. As are the revival of some old dynasties and creation of new ones. Two dynasties in particular are worthy. The Song (revival) in China, and the Mongols (new). Political unity brought about economic growth and stability. In particular, the Mongols fostered interregional trade as they made the old Silk Road safe for commerce again.

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