Hypothesis Tests

I’m still slightly confused about how we determine the null hypothesis and alternative hypothesis

As a quick example, imagine a company says there are 100 m&ms in every bag, but you only get 90 in your bag… your null hypothesis is that there are 100 m&ms in every bag, and your alternative hypothesis would be that there are less than 100 m&ms in every bag. You could do a test for this. Null and alternate hypothesis essentially fight against each other in the stats problem!!

Null is the status quo it is what you assume or guess.

Alternative is what you might suspect of the reason you’re doing the test.

If my school says that 95% of students graduate but I think that they are lying to boost their image then…

Null: The true proportion of grad students is 95%
Alt: The true prop of grad stud is less than 95%

so, the alternative is what you are trying to find or prove while the null is what is established in the question stem?

The alternative, if true, would disprove the null. So yeah basically!


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