I have a important question

I learn better by asking the teacher directly and focusing on the cram and asking questions actively. Can the chat please be turned on it really helps a lot? Thanks

Hi King,

Please ask your questions here. There are too many people in the stream to turn the chat back on for it to be useful. A member of Team Fiveable will answer your question here!

Okay, but I am not happy about this. We pay money to talk to the teacher and focus on the cram session itself not to switch tabs to ask questions repeatedly. I don’t understand why you get to decide whether or not the chat is useful or not. It was so useful in the other crams like AP EURO.

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Hi - Of course talking to a teacher is helpful, but we would have to charge much more to make that happen. For just $5, we can give you access to a high quality teacher and answer your questions here.

We turned the chat off to keep everyone more focused. And if you were asking questions in a chat, it would be moving every fast and we wouldn’t see them all.


There are 3000 people in the stream and the chat slows down the stream while your message gets lost in a second. As I mentioned, we have teachers and our team here answering questions. Please use this area to ask your questions.


I am a cram pass holder too, but this is very inconvenient. Regardless, thanks Amanda for being so supportive and I remember you from the AP Euro cram finale, which is where I found the live chat so nice but I understand that there are multiple people and so it takes a while. Thanks for reaching out though and I hope you have a nice day!

bruh, just imagine the spam

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