I was wondering if someone could give me feed back on my DBQ, the Dbq i did is one my teacher gave us. I time my self for 45 mintues and this is what I got done

Prior to the land-based empires,in 1450-1750, the Europeans were still the back seat to the land-based empires. The use of gunpowder profoundly changed the way the land based empires consolidated their power and wealth. The use of gunpowder sparked, or gave influence, to land based empires. Some rulers turned harsh because they felt like they had absolute control over their people. Where is others still had a harsh outlook it was not as harsh
Throughout history I would say I see a pattern where a civilization or a group of people is given an item or product, and at the very beginning it is used for good but once they have so much of an item they want to be in control. Father Paul simions report to the Pope was saying that he is very harsh on his men but his men were surprisingly amazing at what they do.Although he was hard on his men, they accomplished many things.(Doc.1)The combustory education of nobility was a degree where children of the nobility expect freeholders and government clerks had to be taught mathematics and geometry.You had to learn these things before you could get married. By that they wanted to make it harder for people to get married because when you get married you have children.Children means more money that can be given or earned to the rulers(doc.3)
The turks believed that what you did for a living was not based on popularity or social class but rather your character,ability,dispotion

Your DBQ had a strong introduction paragraph, however, I think that your body paragraph was lacking in analysis and also try not to use first-person POV.

okie dokie thank you

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