What’s the difference between imperialism such as colonizing and economic imperialism?

Colonization and Economic control (such as the Spheres of Influence in China) are all ways in which nations imperialize: I think of imperialism like an umbrella under which those two topics are.

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Imperialism can be as simple as an area governed by a foreign power (colony). Other forms include a protectorate (own government but have outside advisors). Economic imperialism is going to be when a private business controls a country rather than an actual outside government.
Here’s a helpful chart.

Colonization tends to be when a foreign land takes over another land for themselves. The 13 Colonies were part of the British Empire. Natives were sadly removed and then replaced with Europeans.

Imperialism is even broader than colonization. One nation tries to greatly and unfairly influence another people. Colonization is a form of Imperialism. Economic imperialism is when a foreign land sets-up industry in a foreign land and thus has great political and economic influence. China faced economic imperialism, Americas faced colonization.

Colonization is when you have citizens of your “parent country” move themselves to the “colonial holding” to run the joint and spread your culture/be the dominant culture there. Economic imperialism involves more running the economy of the “imperialized” country as opposed to having a lot of “parent country” folks moving in.

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