Industrialization-> Imperialism

How does industrialization really lead to imperialism? I do understand that empires needed more raw resources for industrialization and that was why they went to other places, but I just needed a more in-depth explanation, since we covered it online and that’s really what I’m not confident on. Thanks!


You’re right that industrialization —> need for raw goods and thus desire to gain control over more natural resources. However, industrialization also gave those nations that industrialized the capital and technology needed to successfully imperialize. (Examples would be the development of steamships and breech loading rifles aiding in imperialism in Africa.)

I hope this helps!

Thanks for making the point with the rifles in Africa! I had completely forgot about that.

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That is an important point. Your right that desire for industrial products was one of the reasons that imperialists created empires. You can also consider how industrialization provided the means for imperialism.


Think about what industry brings – machines. Especially transportation type machines: steam ships, railroads, (eventually) automobiles & planes. Those regions that had industry were able to explore & exploit those regions that didn’t have industry.

Plus, the weapons that were mass-produced through industrial factories were also more abundant & cheaper…therefore making those regions that were industrial even more powerful when conquering others.

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