what are our limitations on using internet? how do we be safe and not get flagged for cheating by mistake?

Hello! I would think this could be a tricky one as College Board has said there are lots of checks out there. My best advice would be to try to have hard copies of what you are using for reference materials or at the very least have all these items on your device - not in any type of sharing mode available. I’ve heard commentary that if you do need to do a quick Google search, you can look it up, but do not click on any sites… especially if you don’t know those sites - you have no idea if those items are being shared and that could be the catch that gets you flagged. Hope this helps. Do your best on the test!

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i dont know if people respond but seriously… thank you so much Marlene, for helping all of us the best you can. Teachers like you are the literal best and i mean that. : )

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