Is it bad practice to say "In doc 1" and paraphrase

Are we supposed to embed it somehow into our dbq or can we just flat out say it

Some do “In doc 1”. My students just end the sentence with (Doc 1). My fear is that if you just say "In doc 1. . . . " you might just summarize. DBQs require you to answer the prompt with the documents. Just as long as you are not just summarizing.

Maybe add “therefore” or “this shows”

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To reiterate @bdramby, even if my students use “Clearly document 1 demonstrates the Czar’s intention by…” I still tell them to end that with (Doc 1). This has pragmatic value in that an AP reader reads hundreds of essays. The easier you make it for them to see that you have used the documents, the easier you made their job. As they assess, okay, how many docs did this student use, they can easily sweep through your essay looking for (Doc 1).

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So would I do “In doc 1 <summarize doc 1>, this shows <relate doc 1 to thesis>”

And then end it with (Doc 1). It just makes it easier for the reader to tell you’ve used the docs. It’s important to set yourself up for as much success as possible. The less the readers have to TRY to give you the points, the more likely they are to be ABLE to give you the points, get it?

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