Is this ideal?

I feel like I have a good understanding of most topics but I dont always know every single vocab word- is searching up the definition of a word unideal during the exam or is it expected? I’m just not sure if I should be worried about my lack of content knowledge or not and if I should focus some time on studying more terms. I have taken a couple practice frqs and been doing fine but i always have to look up terms-- is that ideal ?

Ideal is by definition not obtainable. You are doing great. If you have easy access to the definitions, I’d definitely sleep well tonight knowing that you are ready to go on the FRQs. You’ve got this!

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ok so as long as i have good access to the terms i should be fine?

The definitions are good practice, but not required to score the point. They support your application and help the Reader (grader) to award you the point because it shows you know what you are talking about.

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Collegeboard recommends that students answer the FRQ points that they know best, first. Then use any remaining time to look up unfamiliar terms. It is possible to not answer ALL points and still receive a passing score.

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ok thank u! That was helpful

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