I've never heard of sophistication before, what is that? Can you clarify and give a small example

hi yeah thank u guys I really appreciate u love u guys thanx asfdhjkfdsjhkdfskjhdsfasdfkjhfadssdfakjhlkjfdsjkljhdd

It’s complexities or tensions in the essay. Honestly it’s kinda confusing to show, but the way I’ve seen it so far is when you present kinda complex tones?? So if you were to say Ghandi spoke peacefully yet authoritatively. Or when you say that something is continuing. Idk tbh lol but that’s my take on it. :slight_smile:

Some feedback I have received from my teacher is to try to identify what changed throughout the essay and how the devices work together, and try to mirror that in your own essay. I can’t really give an example though sorry

Didn’t Brandon just say tho that we should connect the different rhetorical devices together? It’s also about our own writing style

@kevin-steinhauser recommends this as a starting point:

  1. Precise language
  2. Intentional, varied sentence structure
  3. Considering and addressing the counterargument
  4. Developing nuanced positions

Ideally, sophistication happens throughout the entire response, so it isn’t just a word or phrase that will get you there. We will be looking at this in our Cram, so hopefully we will see you there. Just in case, here are a few guided questions we have come up with to help build sophistication:

  • Does your language reflect your rhetorical situation?
  • Are your words/evidence general or specific?
  • How can you intentionally create tone?
  • What unique element shows YOUR style?
  • Are all of your ideas presented clearly or do you have logical leaps?
  • Are there places the reader has to figure it out alone or where there are questions left unanswered?
  • Does the writing look like a college student wrote it?
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Oh ok that kinda helps thanks :slight_smile:

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