Joseph LeDoux’s Dual Pathway theory

I’m really confused about what the Joseph LeDoux’s Dual Pathway theory is

According to LeDoux there are two pathways to trigger the amygdala fear response portion of the brain. A “low road” comes from the thalamus to the amygdala and the “high road” comes from the thalamus to the cortex to the amygdala. LeDoux also emphasized that for some emotions there is no conscious appraisal.

Essentially, LeDoux refers to a Low Road and a High Road. The Low Road is when the emotion goes straight from the Thalamus to the Amygdala. Like when we flip our lid at someone for cutting us off in traffic. Typically, we aren’t processing and responding, we are just going bezerk (or literally flipping them off). The High Road is the thinking aspect. The Thalamus directs the emotion to our processing higher level thinking cortex. “Ok, so he just cut me off in traffic, but I need to keep my cool.” Thus the expression, taking the high road. Which I guess is literal since I used a traffic example. :slight_smile:

This site may also help:

thank you so much ! :grin:

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