can someone explain how you would respond to this part about latency on the frq - i didnt understand how he was explaining to apply latent dreaming and latent learning to the prompt …

I’m not sure what you are referring to in terms of the FRQ but, latent content in a dream means the hidden meaning in a dream according to Freud. Freud said the hidden meaning in dreams revealed our wishes and desires. Latent learning is learning that is hidden and not revealed until necessary or needed. Someone may have learned a skill but until a moment requires it, that skill might remain latent or hidden until it needs to be used or shown.

I am just unsure on how to answer this prompt

In the dream example latency is a hidden meaning of something else according to Freud. The manifest content is the dream itself that you want to ace a test. But according to Freud the latency is the hidden meaning and that is the part of the FRQ that you would have to apply to show you understand the meaning. For example you could write that according to Freud the hidden meaning might be that the individual wants to experience success in his life. For a new task, you may have learned a new task at some point in your life, but it remains latent, or hidden and unneeded until you need to use it. Many have been taught how to change a flat tire, but until it is necessary, that person will not demonstrate that knowledge. It remains hidden. One meaning is secret and the other is hidden and not revealed until needed.

thank u so much

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