some things im confused about

  • latent learning
  • shaping
  • cognitive map

Latent learning is when learning has occurred but there has not been a need to demonstrate that learning or proof of that learning. Shaping is using closer and closer approximations to get to the desired behavior. For example a parent might check in on a babe every 10 minutes when attempting to get the baby to self soothe and then extend the time period for the desired behavior at the end where the baby can get back to sleep on his own. A cognitive map is any use of a map or depiction in your mind of a map of a course to get from one point to another. You basically use a cognitive map to get from school to your house every day.

Lauren, as you read below, consider that the term itself may give away the meaning. At least that has helped my students:
Latent means a delay or a period of rest. Latent Learning is when something is learned, but not demonstrated until it’s needed. You may learn how to solve a certain Math problem, but not demonstrate that knowledge until it’s asked on a test. I’m taught driving skills in my driver’s ed class, but do not demonstrate it until I’m behind the wheel.
Shaping is most closely related to Operant Conditioning. Otherwise known as successive approximations, a behavior is “shaped” or learned in small increments. For instance, if training my dog to shake, I would start by giving him a treat when he sits; then when he’s mastered that, giving him a treat when I raise his paw to shake; then after several repetitions, give him a treat when he lifts his paw on his own; then finally, when he masters all of it together - sits and raises his paw when I say “shake.” Step by step/successive approximations. In class, we demonstrate this with the game “hot” and “cold.”
A Cognitive Map is basically the pathway your mind creates when learning a new skill. For example, I can give directions to my house based on the map I already have in my head. Likewise, I can give step by step instructions based on those steps outlined in my mind already from previous experiences.

I hope this helps a bit.

thank you so much!

Go get 'em today.

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