Lewin's motivational theory

I dont really understand this. could you explain it?

This may help:

Approach-approach is a conflict between a situation that has two desirable choices
Approach-avoidance is a conflict between a situation that has a desirable and not so desirable choice
Avoidance -avoidance is a conflict between a situation that has two undesirable choices

I would only add that sometimes there is confusion on Approach-Avoidance and Multiple Approach-Avoidance. Approach-Avoidance is one thing that has a good and bad aspect. I want to go to UW-Madison because it has my major (good), but it’s more expensive (bad). Multiple Approach-Avoidance is where there are more than one choice/conflict, each of which have good and bad points. I could buy great seats at the concert (good), but they are costly (bad). OR I could sit in the back where the view isn’t as good (bad), but I can more easily afford it (good).

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