What does it mean when ligase “glues” the okazaki fragments together? When the DNA polymerase adds the base pairs on to the lagging strand, are there gaps in the DNA where there are just no bases added and these need to be glued together or is it that all the bases are added but the phosphate-sugar backbone is just broken and needs to be “glued” together?

Pretty much yea

which one is the correct explanation

Got this from a quizlet

“DNA ligase is an enzyme that repairs irregularities or breaks in the backbone of double-stranded DNA molecules. … It has three general functions : It seals repairs in the DNA, it seals recombination fragments, and it connects Okazaki fragments (small DNA fragments formed during the replication of double-stranded DNA).”"

the 2nd Im pretty sure

the phosphate one ^^

Yeah that one. Sorry long day.

Alright thanks!

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