Monocular and Binocular cues

Hi! Could you please explain monocular and binocular cues, what they mean, how they differ and what they encompass? Thank you!

Both deal with depth perception. Monocular is depth using only one eye, and it includes concepts like linear perspective, interposition, relative size, etc. to describe ways we can tell depth using only one eye. Binocular depth cues, retinal disparity and accommodation, require two eyes to be able to distinguish depth.

Monocular cues only can be accomplished with one eye, and binocular cues require both eyes working together. Both of these are methods of determining depth.

If you close one eye and hold your hand close to your face, then move it farther away, you can tell that the depth changed because of relative size.

The most common binocular cue is retinal disparity, meaning that your two eye balls are separated by about 1 inch of nose space, so they see slightly different visual scapes.

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