New Zealand and Australia (Oceania)

What are the main takeaways for each of the three periods in this region because I have not really learned anything about this region

Oh Ocenaia… for the purpose of tomorrow’s DBQ, you’ll get the info (if any is from Oceania) from the documents themselves.

Is there a specific time period you are thinking about? Because then, we can compare Oceania’s similar development…but need the time period.

  • During the Polynesian migration, people began moving to new islands throughout the South Pacific.
  • Tu’i Tonga becomes the South Pacific’s first major empire.
  • Native Aboriginal and Maori people live in Australia and New Zealand, respectively, and have rich cultural traditions (animism and Dreamtime in Australia, face tattoos in New Zealand).
  • Great Britain and France begin colonizing islands (Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti, etc.) in the South Pacific.
  • Great Britain sends convicts to Australia because of overcrowding in British prisons.
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Hard to say. I would generalize and say they are all touched by European imperialism such as English Penal Colonies in Australia and Maori challenges during imperialism in New Zealand. Sadly, this modern AP deals with NZ and A as they are impacted by European powers.

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