Nitrogen Cycle

Do we need to know all the specific steps of the nitrogen cycle?

I would say no because you are able to quickly Google an image of the N-cycle. Questions that they could ask is how something could interrupt/affect the N-cycle. Knowing the basics and its vocabulary will make it easier to understand any question that pertains to it.


hey @zali2003_5796 !!

@JoshuaNielsen is 100% correct, but it would be nice to know them, but you probably will not need to describe each step, but here they are for reference –

Fixation: Nitrogen Gas gets put into soil by lightning and bacteria and made into Ammonia.
Nitrification: Bacteria converts N2 into usable forms for plants
Assimilation: Plants take in the nitrogen oxides and other forms as proteins and other macronutrients.
Ammonification: Organic nitrogen compounds turn to Ammonia.
Denitrification: Nitrogen goes back to atmosphere from soil.

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