NOx and SOx solutions

What removes NOx and SOx from the air?

Using fluidized bed combustion by the use of heated calcium carbonate can absorb S02 in coal power plants.

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Wet scrubbers can remove NOx and SOx from the air. Electrostatic precipitators are used in coal plants to help remove toxic pollutants as well. Finally, a catalytic converter can help turn NOx to a less toxic gas.

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How do catalytic converters help if they convert NOx and CO into CO2 and nitrogen gas? Aren’t those products just as bad? Also, what are the specific sources and health effects for both nitrogen oxides and sulfur oxides?

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Catalytic converters are helpful because they take harmful air pollutants and make them less harmful. While CO might stay in the atmosphere longer, CO2 can be taken in by plants and turned into oxygen. Also, nitrogen gas (through the nitrogen cycle) can be used by plants as well. Nitrogen oxides can cause eye problems and respiratory issues. I am not sure about sulfur oxides. The main thing to remember about those is their contribution to acid rain.


do both NOx and SOx contribute to acid rain?

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