Number of Body Paragraphs

Is it possible to earn a full score with only 2 body paragraphs?

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I have a similar question. Is it fine if there are 3 body paragraphs with only 1 piece of supporting evidence in each? Or is having 2 body paragraphs with 2 pieces of supporting evidence in each better?

I wuld say that 2 body paragraphs with 2 pieces of evidence (4 pieces of evidence total) would be better than the 3 body paragraphs with 1 peice of evidence each (3 pieces of evidence total).

Hi! Great question! I’ve been an AP Reader for several years, and honestly, there is no “right” or “wrong” way to organize. What’s most important is your quality of analysis. So if you have strong analysis, you can absolutely earn the highest possible score with 2 or 3 body paragraphs.

Here is what I’ve found to often be the most successful for the majority of students: 2 body paragraphs with 2 different examples with analysis each. You can still be successful by only analyzing one quote per body paragraph, but in general, students who unpack two quotes per body paragraph are often more successful. The reason for this is that analyzing two quotes often forces you to be more thorough with your analysis than just analyzing one would.


Yes - That is what I would recommend.

Thanks so much!

You’re welcome!

Here’s a recent replay on Rhetorical Analysis Body Paragraphs that should be quite helpful.



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