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Hi! The link for the stream resources goes to the AP Environmental Page (sorry I just wanted to let you know!)

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Thanks for catching that @810790!

This isn’t going into enough detail- “hormones are a thing” - really???
We need to know vocab and definitions, not go over general vague ideas…
And looking ahead in the brain section- we need to know for the test what each part does and that’s not even on there!
usually these are so high quality, i’m disappointed.
I don’t understand how in the APUSH Cram, i got a full review of all the content, and in this stream, I haven’t gotten a review of anything really.


agree-- also errors, dorothea dix was NOT president of APA, it was Calkins. Norepinephrine is not for “chilling out”, it’s for arousal and attention… confused and disappointed at the shallow level of content review…


melody i’d recommend switching to the older cram videos for review and then coming back for the FRQ practice later, this is so unhelpful :frowning:


I agree, the topics are being explained in a very vague way!


Honestly, I might. I don’t see how I can stand 1.5 or so more hours of this. Literally paid for it and I don’t even know why I’ve spent an hour


this is going wayyyy too fast


@Melody @Hilal @emmett

We passed the feedback to the streamer. Thanks for your input!


@emmett how do we access previous AP Psych cram sessions?


You have to have purchased a cram pass previously. if you did you just go to the fiveable website, go to the psychology subject, and there is a list of previous review streams

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Go to the AP Psych fiveable page and then there’s like a jalepeño emoji that you click on to see them :slight_smile:

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until what topic is he covering? i may come back

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i think he is covering everything


I think he’s doing a great job- this is just a review for an frq and there is going to be frq practice later-- he cant cover every single vocab word from a year long class


hes covering everything until unit 7, personality.

Cram finale attendees:
Although the question and chat are disabled on Crowdcast, you can click on the green button to access the AP Psych Cram Hub so that you can ask a question that comes up during this finale stream.


How would you access the older cram videos?

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