Official APES Cram Finale Stream Feedback

Let us know how the stream is going and how we can accommodate your needs.

All of the stream resources will be posted on the APES Cram Finale Hub

The replay will be available immediately after the stream.

Technical Issues:

  • Can’t get into Crowdcast? Login and click joined events. Try these troubleshooting tips:
  1. Try chrome first
  2. Then firefox
  3. Disable any adblocking or script blocking extensions
  4. Disable any firewalls
  5. Try the Crowdcast mobile iOS app if you have an iphone or ipad
  6. Restart their browser
  7. Clear cookies/cache (click the little lock next to the URL, then cookies, remove)
  8. Restart computer
  • Buffering issues? Enable compatibility mode and make sure you have ad-blockers disabled. You can enable compatibility mode by clicking “Get audio/video help” under the green “LIVE” icon in the bottom left corner. Also, make sure your ad-blockers for are disabled. This can interfere with the smoothness of the stream.

  • Can’t hear? Refresh the page

Is this where we submit our questions?

for content related question, click +topic to start a new thread! This thread is only for tech related questions.


No, but here is the link to the spot! Create a topic to get your APES questions answered!

I think the video feed is frozen

Try refreshing @caseyhk10_59932

Same thing for me, I’ve refreshed several times. Mr. Nielsen is frozen.

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It doesn’t work. Audio and slides are fine but Mr. Nielson’s video is frozen.

it looks better now

I think it would be so much better if you discuss the FRQ that isn’t posted on the college board website? Because I saw college board’s videos and they talked about it already, so the last 2.5 hours kinda useless.


Is north pole a terrestrial or aquatic biome or both??

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totally agree

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the land surface itself is terrestrial biome (tundra) and the ocean is aquatic biome. “north pole” is too general to be distinguished as terrestrial or aquatic biome because ocean and the land surface are two diff. things

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