Official Cram Finale Stream Feedback

The person’s face is glitching out

I was supposed to be on the stream but my computer kept glitching and now It will not let me listen to the stream unless I re join with video and audio. Do you want me to try and come on again, or is there some way to get rid of the video and audio message, so that I can only listen.

Sorry to hear, @Sierra Sierra! Which crowdcast account are you logged in with?

I don’t think I have a crowdcast account. I just signed up for five able a few months ago and have been accessing streams from 5able. Instead of going directly to crowdcast
Edit: the message has disappeared and I can hear the stream again(yay)

I can only see a green screen. I joined late and the green screen is the only thing I have seen. The stream is not as beneficial if it is just audio so how can I fix it?

Hi @kmstone_56083,

Tips for troubleshooting Crowdcast:

  1. Try chrome first
  2. Then firefox
  3. Disable any adblocking or script blocking extensions
  4. Disable any firewalls
  5. Try the mobile iOS app if they have an iphone or ipad
  6. Restart their browser
  7. Clear cookies/cache
  8. Restart computer

The stream will be wrapping up soon so we’ll have the replay up for you to watch immediately after, too!

I want to let you know that there is a green screen in the entire reply as well. I am using my school’s chromebook so I am automatically on chrome. There is no firefox on the device I am not allowed to download apps to the chromebook. I have refreshed multiple times. I watched the calc cram finale and it worked just fine. Please help!


Are you positive it’s not the chromebook? That’s the only issue I could see potentially from your post. Chromebooks typically don’t work great with crowdcast

I used the chromebook last time for the Calculus Cram Finale and there was no problems.

I want to have access to what I payed for. If we are not able to figure this out can I get a refund?

What changed between now and then with your browser?

You’ll need to clear the browser cache in Chrome. You said you only refreshed - can you confirm that you’ve force cleared your browser cache for Have you tried on incognito mode? The replay works fine on my end on multiple devices so I’m unable to reproduce a green screen error.

Are you accessing the crowdcast event directly or watching through Fiveable? Can you access this link directly?

Please also attach screenshots. @kmstone_56083

I was viewing the cram finale through crowdcast and the link does not produce a different result. I do not know how to clear browser cache and I am willing to try. I also am unfamiliar with incognito mode. Honestly this whole thing is causing extra stress on top of the stress of studying. I signed up for the finale to be able to calmly study and prepare. So that I would be “10 times more confident”. I want to be satisfied as a customer and want to continue using fivable for the AP tests I will be taking next year and for this years AP Lang exam but if this experience causes more stress than it already has I can just other resources available that are free stress wise and economically. Please give me real solutions :smiley: Thanks for responding to me about my situation!

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