Official Notice: 2.5 hours of Content Review

Hi everyone!

Just wanted to respond to a couple of comments made against the streamer. This session is meant to be a 2.5 hour review of everything you need to know for the exam, and then some. It’s impossible to go into every concept in detail and demand that of the streamer within the given timeframe.

If you need an in-depth review of every topic or unit, please review our free content library after the stream here: - there’s a lot of good material here that you can use after the stream if there are areas that you feel weak on.

I’d also like to note that we brought on 6 AP Psych exam readers and teachers with decades of combined experience who are actively contributing in this forum. Take advantage of the knowledge they have to help you study as well! They’re here for you. This is all included in the $5 fee you paid for the stream.

As always, we appreciate your love and support. We’re going to help you through this exam. Keep asking questions here!

A huge thank you from Team Fiveable

As always, we appreciate your love and support.

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