Order of sentences?

For the DBQ, should we do sourcing first and then explaining how it connects to the argument, the other way around, or does it not really matter?

Doesn’t really matter, let the argument flow my dude!

It doesn’t matter but my students tend to USE the document and then source it.

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I always did this:

  1. State the document
  2. What it’s talking about
  3. Connect to argument
  4. Analyze

Hope it helps!

(NOTE: These are not separate sentences, you can group them up!)

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For tomorrow’s DBQ, don’t worry about it. Order of sentences really doens’t matter.

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Hello! If it’s in your essay, it’ll be graded, so the order doesn’t really matter! I would go with whatever you’re comfortable with or whatever makes your argument the strongest.

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when you say analyze, do you mean apply hipp?


I was taught to first describe, “argue” with the doc (aka analyze the doc), and then do HIPP. Hope this helps!

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