Outdated DBQ's

What makes the DBQ’s before 2015 outdated? Can we still use them to practice for the test or should we try to find other prompts not from the College Board?

Perla, the College Board made major revisions to the APUSH exam in 2015 (added SAQ, changed the LEQ and DBQ rubrics, etc.) DBQs from before 2015 have a few “problems” that make them outdated: their directions (rubrics) are wrong, they might have more than 7 documents, and their prompts don’t necessarily reflect the redesigned language (e.g., explicitly focusing on Causation, CCOT, or comparison).

To answer your second question: yes, they definitely can still be useful for practice. I’d use the post-2015 DBQs first, but using the older DBQs from 1999-2015 and even the 1973-1998 DBQs can be helpful if you realize that they’re just a little different in the way I described above. They’re still great for HIPP-ing practice and summarizing.


Thank you!

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