Outside Evidence Question

Will you still get points if your outside evidence(s) support only your counter-argument and not your “main argument” part of the thesis?

Yes you will still get points because you used outside evidence to support your claim.

If your counter argument is used to prove your main argument by reason of proving the counter argument false, then that is fine.

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So to clarify, you can’t get points for outside evidence if it exists to prove the counter-argument true. It has to prove the counter-argument false?

Like for example if you were on the prompt: Evaluate the extent to which rulers of early
modern empires, c. 1450 - c. 1750, used traditional
methods to consolidate their power.

and your thesis was something like “Although rulers implemented new ways to consolidate power, such as expanding influence and wealth through trade, from
1450-1750, traditional methods of power consolidation of military
usage, religious validation, meritocracies still dominated over new
ways of governance.”

Would it be fine if your outside evidence is more examples of how rulers used new ways to consolidate power?


Perhaps I was too technical in the first post. Bottom line, it has to support your thesis.

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