Outside evidence

if you include outside evidence while explaining the historical situation of a document does is count as both the outside evidence and sourcing point?

You can’t double dip any points, so you’ll need to make sure you have separate ways to get each point.

For outside evidence, I recommend choosing a person or event that is related to one of the documents, but not mentioned at all. For example, if there is a document written by one founding father, you can bring in outside evidence from another one!

Sourcing is different, for this you need to analyze the document using HIPP. You have your pick of how to analyze it, but it has to be one of these:

Historical Context - position the doc within the larger trends happening and explain how it was connected to larger forces

Intended Audience - was meant to read or see this? why would they have been the targeted audience?

POV - what characteristics about the author would explain why they have their opinion. for example, their job, experiences, class, gender, race, etc.

Purpose - why was this doc created? what did the author want the audience to get out of it

thank you!!

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