Outside evidence

How do you use outside evidence or get outside evidence?

I encourage my students to use a strategy called the Brain Dump. In this strategy, when you get the DBQ before looking at the documents write down everything you understand about the prompt facts and processes. This will prevent you from going into tunnel vision when you look at the documents. There is a good chance of something you write down can be used as outside evidence

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Hello! As @eric-beckman states in his overview of how to do the DBQ here: https://fiveable.me/ap-world/ap-world-study-guide-2020/

To earn 2 points, describe two specific pieces of evidence beyond the docs.
To earn 1 point, use one additional piece of outside evidence.

It seems like describing is all you need to do, but the best outside evidence usage describes outside evidence and then connects it to the argument: why does this matter?

I hope this helps!

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