Outside Evidence

How do you include outside evidence into your essay without just name dropping? Do they have to be related to the given documents? If you find it online, should you cite it?

I would include outside evidence at the very end of your paragraph. It should be related to the given documents, but still a different event/topic/piece of evidence, so you can explain how the outside evidence relates to your argument. You should not cite anything from the internet, or copy any information from there either.

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You should answer the prompt. Use evidence that answers the prompt. The RULE though is that you can not use evidence from the documents to get OUTSIDE evidence. If everything in the essay has been about how indigenous people responded to imperialism but there wasn’t a doc from China. . . then talk about Opium War or Boxer Rebellion!

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Hi @Iris. The most successful uses of outside evidence are almost like using another document. For example, in the sample essay from May 4th that discussed indigenous peoples’ responses to imperial expansion, the documents don’t mention the Sepoy Mutiny in India. However, many people used that by saying “Another example of indigenous responses to state expansion was the Sepoy Mutiny in which Indian soldiers, feeling that their culture was being ignored by the British, rose up in violent rebellion against the British East India Company.”

I hope that helps!

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