Outside evidence

does outside evidence have to be a person, place, or specific concept or can it be a little more general like camels or gold or something

The more specific the better; however, if you used a more general example tied to concrete, specific historical evidence, it can work. For example, you might say camel saddle “technology” was as integral to increased trade in West Africa as maritime technology was in the Indian Ocean. Saddles were the lateen sail of the desert.

How specific does the outside evidence have to be?

So, depending on what the question & your response is, maybe camels, gold or something would work. IDK from what you’ve written here.

If the question is asking about Afroeurasia and you also include evidence about the Americas – bam! outside evidence.

If the question is about women’s rights in Latin American and you also include evidence about how women’s rights expanded elsewhere (suffragettes, communism, etc) bam! outside evidence.

Good luck tomorrow!


Thank you!

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