Hey! I am student who loves to plan out EVERYTHING (I know now is not the time to be doing that). I was wondering how much time should I allow myself to plan. This is the planning sheet that I am planning on using. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how I should execute this. Thank you!

Good morning! A reminder that you have 45 minutes. I know my students keep mentioning the “extra” 5, but those are for submitting and the longer you wait, the more concerns could arise with that process.
I would recommend no more than 15 minutes to read/skim docs and prompt and to set up a general plan of writing. As you write other ideas may evolve and if you are typing (for example) it should be easy to make those additions/subtractions as needed.
Hope this helps… All the best to you today…

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Thank you so much! I really appreciate your advice.

I absolutely love this, and use something similar with my students to teach DBQ process throughout the year. However, as you know, you have 45 minutes, with 5 to submit. This year, the key element readers will be looking for is your ability to correctly analyze documents, noting historical thinking skills, and using that to substantiate your argument. A well written essay is a well written essay, yes. But, I’d err on the document analysis side as to where to spend your time. Clearly vet the question…what is it asking. Formulate your preliminary arguments based on what the question gives you, then go look in the documents for information to substantiate your arguments.

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Thank you for your opinion. I will definitely take this into consideration!

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