Precise language and awkward sentences help

My teacher says that i am good content-wise, but my fault lies within the lack of precise language and excess of awkward sentences. May I have clarification on what that means and how can I fix/ look out for that while I write?

Not having been your teacher I am not certain that I can 100% interpret what she says, but I will give you my best assumption of what that means.

If you are lacking in precise language, then that likely means that your word choice is vague. Maybe your teacher can understand where you are going with your points beause she knows your writing, but an outside reader may not be able to fill in thos holes for you. Often times students will say “the speaker is TRYING to…” rather than saying “the speaker is.” Be clear and precise about what you are analyzing.

Awkward sentences likely means that it’s hard for someone to read your sentence and clearly understand your point. Sometimes our brains work more quickly than we can type and we leave words out or jumble them up. Make sure that you are leaving yourself time to read quickly through your essay and fix any mistakes.

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@ashly-johnston has given great advice here. One way to channel this for the exam would be to have Google read your essay to you out loud. Remember to follow the guided question – have you explained all parts with specific evidence and thorough analysis?
With some of the essays I have seen that do this, I suggest they back off trying too hard. Generally, when you are constantly focused on building the best sentences and trying to earn sophistication, their brilliance gets lost in the shuffle. Scale back, and I have faith you will shine.

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