Can I get a quick crash course?

Priming is basically preparing or influencing your brain to experience something. For example, if I was giving a lecture and made the background of all my slides bright yellow and then at the end of the lecture I asked you to name a fruit. You might say lemon. The color may have “primed” you or predisposed you to think of something related.

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Priming means to basically prep you in order to elicit a response. The formal definition is the activation, often unconsciously, of certain associations, thus predisposing your perception, memory, or response. If you see a billboard for chicken as you go home from school and your mom asks, “what do you want for dinner?” You are likely to respond, “Chicken” as you have been primed to do so.

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Priming is the activation, often unconscious, of a web of associations in memory in order to retrieve a specific memory. So, when someone asks you for an animal that starts with “e” you are primed to think of an elephant. Also, if you go out and buy a new car, a Ford, you may be primed to now notice all of the Ford cars are the road now.

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