What is pyruvate used for in a cellular respiration

Pyruvate is an intermediary substance that is made at the end of glycolysis, and it gets oxidized into acetyl-coA (during pyruvate oxidation), which is used in the Krebs cycle.

What’s the purpose of acetyl coA

all collegeboard requires you to know is that glycolysis produces pyruvate, and the molecule is then transported from the cytosol into the mitochondrion. then, there’s more oxidizing (losing electrons)

Pyruvate is just oxidized more to produce more reduced electron carriers during the transition cycle and it is converted into acetyl-coA, which can be oxidized further in the krebs cycle

it’s just produced from pyruvate; you actually dont need to know what it is! but to help; it’s a coenzyme, and it just provides the acetyl group to the Kreb’s cycle to be oxidized for more energy

Okay thank you so much

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