Question about Outside Evidence

Hi! I was looking at past DBQ (I think 2013) about Global Struggles for power by European countries. Looking at the AP World Cram Chart, I don’t see anything related to this like the Seven Years War (which I remember from class).

What other specific outside examples could I use?

Without taking time to digest the DBQ, understand that the rubric in 2013 did not require any outside evidence for credit. Thus, College Board wasn’t obligated to make sure that there was numerous other examples. This is the challenge when you try to use an old DBQ under today’s, especially 2020’s, rubrics!

Oh, that makes a lot of sense! There didn’t seem to be much appropriate outside evidence, thanks a lot.

do i only have to describe outside evidence or do i also have to connect it to the argument

The rubric for this year gives you the point for using/describing outside evidence “relevant to an argument about the prompt,” but the best usages of outside evidence are those that state it and connect it to the argument. (In some cases, that can even help get you the complexity point!)

ok i usually describe my outside evidence and then connect it

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