Question about plagiarism

I’m a little confused about what is considered plagiarism. For instance, if we’re defining a term and use our textbook for reference, would we need to completely rephrase it?

This is CollegeBoard’s official stance on all of the above:

so we can copy the definition word for word but we cant talk to any one?

so as long as we generalize the definition…to make it sound accurate but not make it sound like a robot…then its fine

Remember everyone, just like Dr. Mohl is explaining for this practice FRQ, your table readers are looking for your application of the vocabulary term to the prompt. Definitions are helpful, but students won’t be punished for using similar definitions.

If the way in which you apply the definition is similar to other students, it will be subjected to review.

yeah, I wouldn’t copy and paste a definition online. You can use that definition as an outline and put it in simpler terms that would be your own work

Yup! I completely agree with what @christinat said!

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