Question about the Complexity Point

Hello, so I was wondering what would be the best way to get the complexity point and how long it would take to get it? Thanks!

I personally also find it difficult to get the complexity point but I feel that the best way to get this point is to put in evidence so that it helps your paper flow better rather than just putting it in for the sake of getting evidence points. Also explaining how whatever HIPP element you identified may affect the reliability of the document. I’d say that this should be the point you focus on only if you have time because it is one of the harder ones to earn.

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Do BOTH parts of the historical thinking skill. So, if your essay uses the docs to comparing regions or concepts (or whatever), also contrast. If you are focused on a specific point in time, consider the continuities or changes that led up to or happened after. If you are considering the similar causes, also look at effects.

You may want to spend more time working with the evidence from the docs – there are so many more rubric points available there. Bigger bang for the buck :slight_smile:

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