Where does the rhetorical situation come in handy. Like is it good to mention each part of SOAPSTone in your intro paragraph

Introduction : SPACE plus Thesis (2-5 sentences)
Thesis example :
● Author does what by (choices or strategies) transitional phrase
Sample Thesis :
● Thatcher appeals to the reader’s emotions by highlighting his lightheartedness
and acknowledging his political achievements in order to commemorate
Reagan’s memory and encourage the audience to remember how he was a
great man and president.

CLEAR for Body Paragraphs:
Claim - What is the author’s claim, focus on the author’s use of words and language.
Lead in - Include who wrote it, context and “the tease”
Evidence - quote or paraphrase from the text
Analysis - Use the questions! At least 2 ideas.
Relate & Revise: Connect your analysis to the main argument - How did this help the author persuade? Fix errors and improve language.

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