Hi there I’m looking for a response from Caleb or another fineable team member. I am looking to write my DBQ using two body paragraphs. Furthermore, I was wondering if I could use one of the documents as a counterargument if for reason there is an odd document tomorrow. I would simply just add the counterargument after my outside evidence in my docs… Anyways my main question is just how to include a counterargument and if a doc is required to support your X of the thesis.

Here is a stream that Mr. Lagerwey did about writing an APUSH DBQ.

Hi, I do not know how to post a question and am therefore posting mine as a reply to you. Whats the difference between republican motherhood and cult domesticity? Did they happen at the same time?


The cult of domesticity is the idea of women working in the homes and contributing to home life rather than at work. Republican motherhood is the idea that women can teach their children about Republicanism and politics, their countries history, etc. in the home, while their husbands are working. So it is this idea that women are contributing to Republicanism by teaching their children about it. I hope this helps, im sorry if any of this is a little confusing. Please correct me if I’m off…

Hi @thedrummerrhett

Writing a DBQ with 2 body paragraphs is perfectly acceptable! As long as you use the documents to support your thesis, you’ll get the document usage point. If you would like to use a counter argument in your essay, make sure you acknowledge that in your thesis.

For example, you could say, “although x happened, y also happened.”

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In summary, what is the Market Revolution, and what changes influenced it?

Hi @vlypka1173,

Here is a link to a previous stream by Mr. Lagerwey on the Market Revolution!


In India, Khan, who was an Western educated individual and founder of a college, was also showing Muslim heritage by saying “fellow Muslim” when saying who he’s writing this to, which can explain why he had such a mixed view on what is best for India by either accepting Western ideas or traditional Islamic ideas. This shows that while Islam influence did have an impact on people, Western ideas had an impact by slowing Muslim Nationalism down.( Doc 1).

Hi @leond2413,

That definitely works! If you want to be even more speedy, you can just say (1) instead of (Doc 1). It also might be helpful for the reader to put your citation after your source, rather than after your connection, to show more explicitly what is your reference to the doc.

Ok thanks man

  • A period of drastic changes in communications (telegraph), transportation (RRs and canals) and production of goods. (more in factories than homes). Theres so many new technologies like steam boats Cotton Gin etc.
  • The Market Revolution was primarly influenced by big changes in technologies and transportion, leading to more jobs

Should we directly quote from the docs or just say the name of the doc when refrencing it?


I would just put (#) in parentheses when referencing the docs. One thing you definitely do not want to do is quote - it is a waste of your time and does not gain you any points - just referencing will accomplish the same points and will be quicker.

Ok thanks because I saw someone say that it looks too informal to just say (Doc 1) even though I have always done it that way

Quote as little as possible from the docs. Trust me: Those readers KNOW what the docs say! By the end of the week of grading, we can almost quote them verbatim! If there is a portion of the document that really strengthens your thesis, and you feel you MUST quote, do not quote more than 4 words.

How many of the documents do we need to use? I have heard 3 and 4 and I just want to know what the actual answer is.

@kira Try to use as many docs as you can if they make sense to use in your argument. If they don’t, don’t worry, but my teacher always says to do the minimum number for a point and then one extra as insurance.

What is the minimum though?

Hi sorry, I don’t know how to ask a question so that is why I’m replying on this. Is the Cram Session going to be recorded? my internet is super slow right now and I’m not listening to anything they say because its so slowww. Thank you!


Yes, it will be! After it is over, you can go to the same link and the replay will be available!

Where do you think the best place to put your complexity point would be in your DBQ?

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