Reading Document question

Do you guys think its better to read the whole doc or skim it? I feel like i take really long to read the docs and plan and then write my context but then after i usually can speed through it and do it pretty well, but i don’t wanna risk it on the exam.

I firmly believe that if you vet the question properly, that is really understand what the question is asking, then when you go to the documents, you know what you are looking for. I encourage my students to really look over the question and form a couple of possible arguments based on what the question asks so that when you start analysis, again, you have an idea of what you are looking for. For example, if the questions says analyze the political and social impact of… You know then, that you are looking for examples of political and social impact in the documents. Consequently, skim the documents for key words, and pay attention to document source for POV.


@historydude, you’re my hero!

@Darin_Roodman Back atcha. I’m learning so much from students and colleagues alike.

Indeed! This is more fun that I feel like I deserve to be having! :smiley:

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