Regression Line

How do you calculate a regression line for a set of data?

You can go to STAT:CALC: 8:linreg(a+bx) and make sure to store the function in y=
To store the function in y=, do: vars:Y-VARS:function:Y1
Then click calculate and it’ll be stored in your y=

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y = mx + b

m = r*(Sy/Sx)
Find b by plugging in (Xbar, Ybar)

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where do I plug in Xbar, Ybar?

You know how when you are trying to find the equation of any line and you already know the slope you plug in a point for x and y and solve for b?

Same thing here. Plug in Xbar for x and ybar for y and solve for b.

Ohh okay, thank you

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