Research Methods

On some of the Practice FRQs I have been doing on the research methods section this has part of the question has come up, “explain how researchers will consider generalizability of the study” What is generalizability and how would it be considered in a correlational study vs an experimental study?

Generalizability means that you have a representative sample—you can generalize your results to the population. The way to encourage generalizability is to increase your sample size. The more people; the more representative that sample is going to be. The other thing is to avoid sampling errors, like doing a survey that is supposed to reflect opinions of all Americans, then only distribute it in the South. We would want generalizability in both correlational and experimental studies.

Generalizability can be considered if the sample is a true representation of the population of interest. In a correlational study, the larger the sample size the more able the researcher is able to generalize the results to the poplulation. The best way to assure generalizaibility is to use an experimental design to control for variables.

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